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On this Page, you will find information about the members of the Alliance for Animal Law of Asia (AALA).

Pakistan's first dedicated Animal and Environmental Rights law firm. EARC is leading cutting-edge litigation on animal rights. It developed a Humane Education Program where it aims to deliver 40 sessions on plant-based, veganism, and the food system about a respectful connection of animal and environmental rights with human rights from an interspecies justice perspective. EARC has also set up an animal rights club at Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, the biggest humanitarian organization in Pakistan. 

A non-profit organization working to end animal crimes & defend animal rights. WAJ aims to provide an international platform to international criminal-animal law researchers, academics, and advocates and is engaged in developing new law proposals and tools to share knowledge and comparative analysis.

A Chilean organization of animal lawyers dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of animals through the law.

The leading animal advocacy non-profit in Japan, currently focusing on reducing the suffering of animals used for food, in addition to those used for clothing, entertainment, etc. Its current priorities are cage-free campaigns for eggs and the welfare of broiler chickens, sows, and soon aquatic animals.

Animals of Our World is a vegan organization and the only physical animal sanctuary in Siem Reap Cambodia. It currently has 100+ rescued animals and is mid-build of its new shelter.

ADSH is committed to reducing animal suffering through providing education about animal law, ethics, and animal welfare. We encourage the public to be willing to report any acts of cruelty to animals, monitor law enforcement, and jointly fight for animals to get legal justice. Our mission is to secure animal welfare and basic rights through litigation, legislation, and education.

A not-for-profit organization, providing activist-training programs and opportunities. Our vision is to create a just world free of animal exploitation. Our mission is to build a more inclusive and effective animal justice movement in Asia by empowering, supporting, educating, and mentoring local individuals and organizations. AAA also offers an educational space dedicated to Asian animal justice advocates.

A not-for-profit organization working towards better legal protection for animals. Founded in 2016 by a group of lawyers and other professionals actively engaged in animal protection to promote fair, evidence-based, socially consistent legislation for animals and ensure proper enforcement of existing laws.

An organization working to expose and improve the living conditions of captive elephants in Japan who need help most.

The focus of the Animals & Biodiversity Programme is to provide meaningful insights on animal studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. The aim of this Programme is to highlight the connections between various issues concerning Animals and Biodiversity, bringing together diverse academic fields, such as Animal Law, Environmental Law, Animal Ethics, and Animal Welfare Science.

Non-profit and learning organization founded on the principles of effective altruism and working on the intersection of farmed animal welfare and food systems. We collaborate with donors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, government, and animal welfare charities/practitioners to reduce animal suffering and meat consumption, and promote alternative proteins.

The UK's first animal protection law firm.

India's apex animal rights organization. As the collective voice of the animal rights movement in India, FIAPO is the catalyst that protects the rights and interests of animals at local and national levels. Created, for the movement, by the movement, FIAPO is India's only federation with more than 170 members and 200 supporter organizations, nationally.

Non-profit aiming to reduce aquatic animal suffering. We do so through research, coalition building, lobbying, campaigns & public education. The founder of the Aquatic Animal Alliance.

Independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. A member of the IUCN, a partner to the Convention on Migratory Species, a member of the Global Genome Biodiversity Network, an observer to the CITES, an accredited organization to UN Environment, a member of the Global Compact, and others.

Global animal welfare organization for animals under direct human influence, which reveals suffering, rescues animals in need and protects them.

23 expert animal welfare organizations working together to end the suffering of animals in Asia. A global network of hundreds of animal protection NGOs. The organizer of the biggest & longest-running animal welfare conference in Asia since 2001.

Vegan, animal rights organization working to end the exploitation of all species of animals in Vietnam and globally. We manage a small rescue shelter and farm sanctuary, hold sterilization projects, and collaborate with international vets for training projects.

The first dedicated animal law organization in South Africa. We are (com)passionate legal professionals, dedicated to the protection of animals, humans and the environment.

We work through three main pillars being Animal Wellbeing, Law and Social Justice. We focus on a few key areas that we believe will bring about the most change. These focus areas include Legislative and Policy Reform; Litigation and Legal Services; and Education and Research.

Network of lawyers, paralegals, and advocates passionate about the protection of animals. LAPA provides a platform where persons passionate about animal law can access resources and opportunities to advance the field of animal law.

Educational and non-governmental organization that is devoted to the dogmatic development of animal law in Chile and the world.

Educational research center that is dedicated to offering news, articles, events, and comprehensive and up-to-date information on the issues of animal law and policy all over Asia and the world and aiming at raising awareness in more individuals and communities about the threats that animals face every day.

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