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By donating to the Institute of Animal Law of Asia, you support animal advocacy and animal law movement we are expanding in Asian countries where animal law is weak or non-existent. We are working on changing the public's minds among the diverse communities of Asia. We are also raising awareness and educating individuals on the emerging field of law by providing news, research articles, and educational materials.

Why Us?

Institute of Animal Law of Asia is a new organization and has already gained interest from dozen of communities and individuals from across the globe. Institute of Animal Law of Asia has also launched the Alliance for Animal Law of Asia, an international campaign that aims to cooperate with national, regional, and global animal organizations to exchange educational materials and invite experts from around the world. We are a one-of-a-kind organization that provides all materials in English translated from sources in Chinese, including Mandarin and Cantonese, and Russian languages.

Where Do Donations Go?

Currently, there are just two team members working on the Institute of Animal Law of Asia, and we have reached success and recognition among the animal law communities around the world working over hours. We would like to expand our team and launch other campaigns to improve animal protection in Asia. Your contributions also help us organize various public events inviting professors, scholars, animal law experts to share their knowledge and skills with our audience.

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