Interview of the Institute of Animal Law of Asia by the Center for Animal Law Studies

December 8, 2020Lu Shegay & Zihao Yu

Recently, members of the Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA), LL.M. graduates of the Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) Lewis & Clark Law School, sat down with Professor Joyce Tischler, also known as “Mother of Animal Law” to share their news about the expansion of their work towards the development of animal law in Asian countries.

In the interview, Lu and Zihao shared about the status of the Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA), what countries are covered, the most pressing issues in their home countries, and strategic plans to change the landscape of the animal law field in Asia.

Professor Joyce Tischler teaches courses of Animal Law Fundamentals and Animals in Agriculture: Law and Policy, which Lu and Zihao have taken as part of the Animal Law LL.M. Program. Joyce herself is passionate about developing animal law in Asia and “bringing animal law to Asian countries is one of her major goals.” She was thrilled to hear about two of her former students from Asia launching the Institute of Animal Law of Asia (IALA).

“The passion and professionalism of the CALS faculty and staff, and, at the same time, their understanding towards a diverse community of foreign students coming from different countries and different cultures, helped us a lot during our studies at Lewis & Clark Law School. Each and every instructor had their own unique teaching method and approach to students, and that helped us in adapting to the new environment and learning more about animal law.”

“The Animal Law Program has given us so many opportunities and opened a different perspective on the current problems of the protection of animals and how they were handled in the past by animal law organizations. We feel so fortunate to have been in the Animal Law LLM Program and to be able to work with other individuals and communities interested in animal law.”

See the full interview by the Center for Animal Law Studies here.

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