How Dogs Are Leading the Pack to Animal Rights

December 22, 2021Lu Shegay

Recently, the Institute of Animal Law of Asia successfully held the webinar with David Favre, the Professor of Law at Michigan State University! This webinar is the public event under the project "Amplifying the Interests of Animals in Kazakhstan," the project of our Managing Director within the Global Ambassador Program.

This presentation discussed what are legal rights for animals, discuss the two primary paths forward, and how dogs, because of their emotional attachment with humans, are creating the first intrusion into the real-world arena of legal rights. Legal rights will arise because of the logic of protecting other beings who are like humans or because of the emotional attachment to non-human animals that are now part of the core of millions of families; logic or emotion. In the United States, the state legislatures are being to acknowledge that companion animals can and should be recognized as individuals with interests and needs apart from their human companions.

Please find the resources here.

David Favre has been a professor of law at Michigan State University College of Law for over forty-four years, serving as Dean of the College for five years, and teaching in the area of Property Law, Animal Law, and International Environmental Law. Professor Favre has written a number of articles and books dealing with animal issues including such topics as animal cruelty, wildlife law, animal rights, ethics of animal use, and international control of animal trade.

His books include the casebook Animal Law: Welfare, Interest, and Rights (3rd ed. 2020), the ethics book Respecting Animals (2018), a legal roadmap, The Future of Animal Law (2021). He introduced the concept of “Living Property” through a number of law review articles. He has organized international conferences on animal law and has presented to international audiences. Professor Favre is a creator and editor-in-chief of the largest animal legal web resource in the world, www.animallaw.info. He was also a founding officer of the Animal Legal Defense Fund for 22 years beginning in 1982, serving as President of the Board for the last 2 years.

Now residing on a farm in Lower Michigan, Professor Favre shares his space with sheep, chickens, and the usual assortment of dogs and cats.

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