Sentientism: Evidence, Reason, and Compassion for All Sentient Beings

July 24, 2021Lu Shegay

Institute of Animal Law of Asia successfully held the webinar with Jamie Woodhouse, the Founder of sentientism.info and the Host of the Sentientist Podcast Conversations series. This webinar is the public event under the project "Enhancing Legal Regulations for Aquatic Animals in Kazakhstan," the project of our Managing Director within the Global Ambassador Program.

In this presentation, Jamie explained what Sentientism is, where it came from, why everyone should agree with it, and how it can help us fix all of the world’s problems – for non-human and human sentients alike.

Please see the resources here.

Jamie Woodhouse is an animal advocate, consultant, coach, and volunteer. He works primarily on the Sentientism worldview by refining the philosophy, raising awareness of the idea, and building communities and movements around it. He is also the host of the Sentientist Podcast Conversations series where he and his guests discuss the two main questions "what's real?" and "what matters?"

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