Legal Regulations of Dolphinariums in Kazakhstan

September 9, 2021Lu Shegay

Recently, the Institute of Animal Law of Asia successfully held the webinar with Dr. Maria Baideldinova, the Assistant Professor of KIMEP University! This webinar is the public event under the project "Enhancing Legal Regulations for Aquatic Animals in Kazakhstan," the project of our Managing Director within the Global Ambassador Program.

In this presentation, Maria described the currently existing legal provisions, which regulate the creation and functioning of dolphinariums in Kazakhstan, identified the gaps, and discussed the perspectives of legislative developments in this sphere.

Dr. Maria Baideldinova is an Assistant Professor of private law disciplines at KIMEP University, Kazakhstan, the author of the first Animal Law course in the region. As a member of Kazakhstan’s animal protection NGO and of the Animal Law Committee of the Chamber of Legal Consultants "KazBar," Maria participates in the work on the animal welfare draft law.

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