Farmed Animal Welfare in mainland China

On this Page, you will find research projects and all relevant events that are dedicated to raising awareness about farmed animals and their welfare in mainland China.

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Zihao Yu, our Executive Director, developed a project on farmed animals' welfare in mainland China. It will be focused on improving the awareness of welfare for animals used in agriculture in mainland China through education. The activities that Zihao plans to achieve in his Project include field research, a debate competition, and webinars - all designed for law students, activists, and scholars in China.


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April 8, 2021

Farmed animals receive less attention and protection compared to companion animals. The welfare standards for all procedures are covered by laws and regulations in different countries and regions, industrial associations, and third-party organizations. In this blog, Zihao Yu discusses the U.S. and international standards and certifications on farmed animal welfare.


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April 1, 2021

Farm animal welfare has gradually become an important issue in most parts of the world. In China, farm animal welfare and industrial animal farming are still relatively new concepts to the public but have recently attracted attention. In this blog, Zihao Yu discusses traditional culture, the public attitude, and scientific research with regard to farm animal welfare.


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March 25, 2021

The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest species of amphibians in the world. They live in the freshwater forest and wetland environment in China. This species is threatened by commercial consumption, traditional medicine, ornaments, and the loss of habitat. In this blog, Zihao Yu discusses the threats to the Chinese Giant Salamander, regulations, and conservation efforts.


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March 2, 2021

Artificial breeding of wildlife is allowed in China according to the Wildlife Protection Law. The current legal framework is under the Wildlife Protection Law (2018) and its implementing rules and regulations. The law was created in 1988 and was revised in 2016. The latest revision process started in 2020 after the coronavirus outbreak. This blog analyses the historical development of the Wildlife Protection Law and the regulation on artificial breeding.


Photo by Spencer Selover from Pexels
February 25, 2021

The Republic of China (ROC), Taiwan, has a series of legislation on animals used in agriculture. Those laws provide the general rules for animal welfare and anti-cruelty, the basic requirement for the agricultural industries, as well as rules on humane slaughter, labeling, disease prevention and control, and transportation. This blog provides an overview of the regulations in the Republic of China.


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